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Is a tumbler really better for your child?

Has your baby gradually grown out of its bottle? Then it is time to start practising with a drinking cup. First with a spout cup, but the ultimate goal is to learn using a tumbler. You will find out why this is so important in this article.



Your child is developing

During the first six months, your baby drinks from the breast or from a bottle with a spout. But after that it's time to switch over to a cup. After all, your child's mouth is developing and with their tongue, lips and cheeks, they are already starting to prepare for their first words. That's why it is important to have them practise with a cup at the right time.

The spout cup as the intermediate step

In a first phase, you can give your child a spout cup, so that they gradually learn to drink by themselves. That's because a spout cup supports the transition to a sucking drinking reflex. However, it is better to switch to a different type of drinking cup as soon as possible. After all, drinking from a spout for too long can hamper the development of your baby's mouth muscles.

The importance of a tumbler

In order to learn new skills, it is important to give your child a normal cup (or a cup with an anti-spill rim) in good time. They will spill a lot of course, but practice makes perfect. For your baby, this is an important step towards more independence.

What's more, with a tumbler, you also reduce the risk of tooth decay. If your child has sugary drinks from a spout cup, they will take little sips, with the result that cavities form in their teeth. With a tumbler, children drink more in one sip, which reduces the risk of cavities.

What about buying a tumbler?

Are you looking for a tumbler for your child, with or without an anti-spill rim? In the Nûby product range, you will find a variety of different models with fun designs and colours.



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